Settled in well

“My child has settled so well and loves his teacher’s. I am beyond impressed with TCS.”
- New family

 Love and Concern

"As a parent at your school, I just want to say how impressed I am with the way the incident in the overpass has been handled.

Thank you so much for loving our kids. Every time I see a teacher supervising that area, I want to jump out of my car and hug them. This love and concern reaches to other areas in the school and I wanted to make sure you knew that it was noticed".
- Current parent

ATAR Results

"I just wanted so say thank you to you and your teaching staff for the wonderful contribution you have made to Alyssa's education over the past 6 years.

Special thanks must be given to Sarah Lysewycz for her hard work, expertise and encouragement in coaching the students for their AST test.

It was apparent at the Senior Thanksgiving evening that a large number of students were assessed as receiving an ATAR greater than 90. This is a credit to our hard working students, our wonderful teaching staff but on no small way to Sarah and the inspiration and sound advice she passed on to the students.

Alyssa is extremely happy with her results and her ATAR. It looks as though Alyssa will now realise her goal of studying physiotherapy. A fair amount of inspiration towards her career choice has also come from Anthony Kennedy who taught Alyssa the past two years in Human Movement. Josephine Batten was also very supportive in her role as careers adviser.

We will never forget our journey through Trinity Christian School, the wonderful teaching staff and the lovely friends Alyssa has made along the way. Thank you again."
- Parent of a former student. 

 Fine Young Gentleman

"I was shopping at the Hyperdome yesterday and the escalator wasn't working. I was going to have to carry my heavy shopping down the escalator to the car. Two young boys in uniform from Trinity Christian School asked me if I would l like some help. They very kindly carried my shopping and placed it in my car. I was deeply impressed by the generosity and lovely manners of these boys and I think that you must be a very good school."
- Hyperdome Shopper

Confident to Take on the Wider World

"Laura has enjoyed her time at TCS and I know it is in part because of the values TCS has helped instil in Laura that she feels confident in taking that next step into the wider world.

I would like to thank TCS staff, especially the teaching staff who Laura has built such an amazing relationship with, and who will always hold a special place in our hearts. As Laura’s mother I know how blessed we have been as a family and thank you for all that you have offered. Continue to do the sterling job you do and to have the positive impact you have on your students."
- Parent of a former student.

What Students had to say about Trinity

“I like coming to Trinity, because I get to do a lot of different things. I have lots of friends and great teachers. I love to do spelling and learning different words and I also like devotion time and learning different things about God.”
- Nessy, Year 2


“Trinity is a great learning environment. The iPads are very useful and help us do more work. I’ve been here since Year 2 and I don’t want to leave.”
- Kogul, Year 7


“I’ve been here since Kindy so Trinity’s been my home. My memories and experiences of growing are here.”
- Michael, Year 10


“The teachers are friendly and accepting. Trinity is heaps of fun and it’s great to be a part of.“
- Chelsea, Year 8

“I like being at Trinity because of the general feeling of being in a place were you are safe. Being able to spend time with your friends and being able to just be yourself.”
- Mitchell, Year 9

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