A Connected and Thriving School Community

Where we are now:

An emphasis on embedding wellbeing into the culture, curriculum and all aspects of Trinity school life from a Biblical perspective is important. Allowing for differentiation across the various parts of the school, we are establishing common goals, approaches and a consistent language around student health and wellbeing.

We now offer a forum for parents and friends to collaborate and contribute to the Trinity community with the establishment of our Parents and Friends Group. This Group enables all members of the community to belong and engage, without changing the role or membership requirements of the Trinity Association.

By 2022 we want to see:

A school that fosters meaningful, positive relationships and a sense of belonging for all. A community of confident, healthy and resilient students and staff, who are able to thrive in all aspects of school life and beyond. Strong partnerships with families to develop health and wellbeing of students.

How we are getting there in 2020:

Focus Area 1: A whole school Positive Education vision within a Biblical framework.


  • Develop a whole school vision for Positive Education within a Biblical framework and the Learning Power Approach.
  • Provide research materials for staff on Positive Education and wellbeing.
  • Build the connections between the elements of the Learning Power Approach and Positive Education for staff.

Focus Area 2: Student support and development.


  • Develop a shared vision of future student support and development.
  • Review all current student support and development structures, processes and services.
  • Plan for an initial implementation phase in 2021.