A Connected and Thriving School Community

Where we are at the end of 2021:

In 2021 we continued the emphasis on embedding wellbeing into the culture, curriculum and all aspects of Trinity life. Students from Years 6 – 12 and all staff commenced completing a weekly “pulse” survey. The 60 second survey asks questions regarding the respondent’s emotional and cognitive wellbeing. This initiative provided valuable information in 2021, particularly during the lockdown period. As an extension of this focus, Social Emotional Learning pilots (Years 5 – 6) and Emotional Intelligence Learning pilots (Years 9 – 10) are ready for the start of 2022.

Our new multi-disciplinary allied health/support team was installed in January, with a focus on early intervention. Leading the way for how Independent Schools support students and families, it consists of a social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist, chaplain and Defence Schools Mentor. We also appointed a Student Support and Development Coordinator (P – 12) to commence in 2022.

By 2022 we want to see:

A school that fosters meaningful, positive relationships and a sense of belonging for all. A community of confident, healthy and resilient students and staff, who are able to thrive in all aspects of school life and beyond. Strong partnerships with families to develop health and wellbeing of students.

How we are getting there in 2022:

Focus Area 1: Building social, emotional, wellbeing capital in a Christian school.


  • Implement the pilot programs designed in 2021.
  • Develop a shared vision and whole school plan and program to support the ongoing growth and development of the social, emotional, wellbeing capital of students.

Focus Area 2: Building staff wellbeing capital within a Christian school.


  • Implement a group development program that helps foster a professional climate, which optimises the health and wellbeing of all staff.
  • Grow the social capital of staff to enhance staff wellbeing.