A Connected and Thriving School Community

Where we are at the end of 2020:

An emphasis on embedding wellbeing into the culture, curriculum and all aspects of Trinity school life from a Biblical perspective is important. In 2020 we reviewed our student support and development services and structure. We commenced establishing a shared vision, approach and a consistent language around student support and development.

After its first full year of operation, our Parents and Friends Group now enables all members of the School community to belong and engage.

By 2022 we want to see:

A school that fosters meaningful, positive relationships and a sense of belonging for all. A community of confident, healthy and resilient students and staff, who are able to thrive in all aspects of school life and beyond. Strong partnerships with families to develop health and wellbeing of students.

How we are getting there in 2021:

Focus Area 1: Building relational capital within a Christian school.


  • Grow staff capacity to enhance relationships and their relational capital.
  • Develop various initiatives to build connectedness and relationships across the school.
  • Introduce initiatives and practices to develop relationships with whole families.

Focus Area 2: Student support, development and wellbeing.


  • Develop a shared vision encompassing student support, development and wellbeing.
  • Build the capacity of both the student support and development team and the student wellbeing and support team.
  • Review the allocation of resources and the way that support and development services are provided across P-12, with a focus on moving to a more balanced proactive model..