A learning centred school

Where we are at the end of 2021:

An innovative, whole-school learning environment continued to take shape, with the successful implementation of the new timetable. The timetable consisting of four daily learning sessions and three breaks, now operates for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 and was evaluated against a benchmark of intended outcomes. Professional learning was undertaken by many staff, particularly Coordinators, on a range of topics, including embedding the Learning Power Approach in the classrooms and building strategic leadership skills.

By 2022 we want to see:

An educational environment that is exciting, engaging and flexible. One that empowers learners to communicate, create and innovate in a globally connected world – competent in the skills of navigating and analysing technology and content from a Christian perspective. A place where students set, monitor and achieve their personal goals for excelling in learning. 

How we are getting there in 2022:

Focus Area: Embedding of 'powerful learning' across the School through the creation of engaging and purposeful learning environments and practices.


  • Instill purposeful learning across the School utilising new and existing furniture/classroom layouts..
  • Provide ongoing professional learning and dialogue around the Learning Power Approach and the creation of purposeful learning environments and programs.