A Sustainable Hope-filled Future

Where we are at the end of 2020:

Staff, students and parents have provided input into the current IT infrastructure and technical systems at Trinity. The outputs of the consultation process included the development of a five year plan and framework and a Strategy Committee. Work continued in 2020 on changing the campus buildings and landscape so they meet the requirements of a 2030 learning environment. The first of the new buildings and outdoor learning areas opened for use. Using the vision for a learning centred, Trinity progressed planning for a campus wide renewal to develop our 2030 compatible environment.

By 2022 we want to see:

A solid, sustainable future shaped through exploring and establishing broader income opportunities, a development plan that achieves a 2030 learning environment and processes and structures that engage community members.

How we are getting there in 2021:

Focus Area 1: IT systems development.


  • Commission the IT Strategy Committee to lead consultation and development of priorities.
  • Commence roll out of the five year IT development plan and prepare for future years.
  • Build the capacity of staff in a range of IT areas.

Focus Area 2: Design and construction of next stages of campus development.


  • Continue design work for next stages of campus rejuvenation and development.
  • Commence construction work for the next stage.