Christian lives & purpose

Where we are now:

Many families choose Trinity for the purposeful Christian education provided and the Biblical values that underpin the School. The School seeks to increase opportunities for all students and staff to deepen their personal understanding of the Bible and strength their faith. We have commenced a change in our approach to missions and outreach, with several options piloted throughout 2019, whereby students and staff have a wider range of opportunities to serve God and their community.

By 2022 we want to see:

A robust Christian Education growing each person’s faith, expressed through greater understanding, engagement and commitment to Christ. A community committed to deeper knowledge of the Bible – with relationships, actions and a culture of service inspired by Christ.

How we are getting there in 2020:

Focus Area: A vision, purpose and model that fosters the growth and demonstration of Christian values, faith, biblical understanding, mission and service across the School.


  • Research and evaluate current practices in the School that develop, challenge and grow each person’s faith and biblical understanding. 
  • Liaise with other Christian schools about their processes and models.
  • Develop a clear vision, purpose and model for mission and service. The model should be sustainable and have a balance of local, national and international reach.
  • Design, develop and evaluate a range of programs to deliver the vision.