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College Music Recital - Alpha

Unique skills and extraordinary musical ability

“I love music because it gives me opportunities to glorify God. It helps me to express the person I am deep within.”- Alpha (Year 11, Guitar)


Today our Kindergarten students started full days.

This is a big step for them and an important part of their learning journey. Our Kindy teaching team is Mrs Lewis, Mrs Wood and Mrs Doran.

2018 Year 4 Camp

By Livia Shen & Emma Robertson

This year, Year 4 went to Greenhills Conference Centre in Canberra A.C.T. We stayed there for one night and two days. We left on Thursday 9.00am and came back on Friday 2.30pm. 

2018 - 100 days of Kinder

Look how far they’ve come!

Today our 2018 Kindys celebrated 100 days of Kindergarten. What a fun, energetic day filled with special visitors, games and new learning adventures – all surrounding the Number 100.

young students presenting in assembly

The ability to bend easily without breaking, but growing.

In our Junior School this week the theme is Flexibility. Flexibility is a skill that is useful across many areas of our lives.

Celebration Night - Mr Hewitt handing out awards to students

What an amazing evening!

On Thursday 13 December 2018, we held Celebrate 2018 - a whole school event with live music, creative performances, vibrant singing and dancing and student awards.

2018 Trinity Association Event

Spending time together as a community

On Saturday 8 September 2018, the Trinity Christian School Association hosted an event for new and prospective members. 

Kindergarten multicultural food day

Sweet or savoury? Warm or cold? Salty or spicy? 

Recently some of our Kindergarten classes experimented with new and unfamiliar cuisines from a variety of countries at their Multicultural Food Days.