Year 10 Drama put on another terrific show!

In June 2014, Year 10 students performances of Romeo and Juliet were a resounding success, with the famous tragedy taking on a very Dudgeon comedy flavour.

The students production skills were excellent; having thoroughly learnt their complex lines, they impressed the audience with not only mastering their lines, but also with how many clearly knew the nuances of the lines and delivered them with meaning.

Having a smaller group to work with this year opened up a number of different opportunities. Significantly, that they could have actors follow through a character from beginning until end rather than splitting the role in half to accommodate numbers and abilities, and secondly they could consider one of the smaller cast tragedies.

It was both silly and sad, a place where adults fail to make adult decisions and teenagers are just teenagers – passionate, rebellious and blessed with no real sense of their own mortality. Mr Wayne Dudgeon said that "working with this group has been a pleasure. Having upped the level of difficulty with this play, these young actors needed to work with commitment and great determination to achieve their desired result. Rehearsals were always a mix of mirth, madness and hard work as the ensemble set about understanding and interpreting the script."

The cast have gained so much from this process – in their appreciation and knowledge of Shakespeare’s writing, their trust in each other and in challenging themselves to create a coherent and entertaining production.

Congratulations to the Year 10 drama cast, crew and director.

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.