The ability to bend easily without breaking, but growing.

In our Junior School this week the theme is Flexibility. Flexibility is a skill that is useful across many areas of our lives.

We can all benefit from being more flexible physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Flexibility often leads to growth in our personal health, relationships and work outcomes.

In a learning environment, flexibility is also important. There is some fantastic work being done globally on the need for our learning spaces to facilitate the authentic learning required of our students in the 21st Century. Empirical evidence suggests that flexible learning environments, driven by pedagogy has a statistically significant positive impact on student engagement in their learning. On average, one study found students who utilised a flexible learning environment increased academic achievement by 15%.

When people think of a flexible learning environment, they often think only of the physical space. While it is true that the spaces are flexible in nature, there is much more to a flexible learning environment than just the furniture choices. It is about creating different environments and atmospheres to suit the various learning goals we have for our students. There may be spaces where:

  • Students can be absorbed in their individual learning and able to manage distractions. 
  • Learners can gather together as a class to listen to each other’s point of view and make links to their understandings. 
  • Collaborative skills are the focus as students work to develop dispositions in reciprocity. 

All spaces need to allow students to inquire and wonder about the amazing world God has created and excel in their learning.

At Assembly today, we were encouraged by some of our youngest students, about the importance of being flexible, while also remaining strong and courageous in ourselves and in how we engage with each other.

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.