This is what the audience had to say....

"I thought it was a superb production and did justice to the magnificent work by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice." - Alistair Coe, MLA

Unbeknown to the school, Alistair Coe (MLA) came to see the Joseph production and was so impressed with the quality of the musical, that when he had an opportunity to say a few words in the ACT Legislative Assembly the following week, he commended the staff and students of Trinity Christian School for the incredible show. Check out his speech at

"My daughter and I cried! We clapped until our hands hurt! Amazing work from every one! It is such a wonderful community builder! I look forward to the next musical!"

"Just like to add our congratulations to everyone involved in Joseph. We saw it last night and it was really quite spectacular!!"

"We saw Joseph on Friday night and were blown away by the whole thing! You all deserve a medal of achievement!"

"We're just home from seeing 'Joseph' - what a show! So professional! It was fantastic! Easily as enjoyable as the Canberra Philharmonic version we saw a couple of years ago. The music sounded great, the singing was amazing (really loved all the parts) and the acting was witty and well-timed. Congratulations all of you! Please pass on our congratulations to all your talented performers."

"I went to see the show to support Trinity but was absolutely blown away by the professional standard of this performance. I cried at the end because it was just so amazing! Congratulations everyone."

"Wow!!!!! I have just booked to come again tonight." (comment made after seeing the matinee performance.)

"I didn’t think the show was going to be anywhere near this good. I really wished I’d auditioned for the show – when are you doing another one?" (Student comment after watching the show.)

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