Student Care and Parent Partnerships

Student wellbeing and pastoral care at Trinity Christian School align with our Vision and Mission and are founded on the principles of love, truth, mercy and justice in all circumstances. Our ultimate goal is meaningful and positive relationships and a deep sense of connectedness and belonging for all. Trinity Christian School recognises that parents have the prime responsibility for the education of their children, so we are committed to working cooperatively in partnership with parents and guardians.

Junior School Student Wellbeing and Support Services

The care and concern for our students is prevalent on a day-to-day basis through the interactions between students and their teachers. While all members of our School community are ready and committed to working with students and their families, additional support is provided in the Junior School by the Junior School Wellbeing Coordinator, School Counsellor and Head of Junior School.

Within the Junior School, our differentiated curriculum caters for all students. Students can be extended through involvement in additional co-curricular activities and participation in national competitions and challenges. Resource assistance is provided for students needing extra support with the basics of literacy and numeracy. 

Class Parents

In the Junior School each class has one or two appointed class parents, whose role it is to support the classroom teacher. The role encompasses: 

  • Pastoral care and concern for the families within the class
  • Pastoral support for the teacher
  • Communication within the class community
  • Organisation of class community events and activities, such as celebratory breakfasts, dinners, family picnics
  • Helping in the classroom

Before and After School Care

A very successful program is provided by “Kids Fun Club” for students needing care before and after school. For further information regarding this service, families can contact the Coordinator on 0418 236 487.