Outdoor education enhances the growth of personal and social skills, promotes the development of environmental awareness and enables acquisition of skills that are not always accessible in the classroom. At Trinity Christian School there are many opportunities for students to engage in outdoor education and play.

Early Learning Centre and Junior School:

In the Early Learning Centre and Junior School students engage in outdoor learning, exploring and research. Our Junior School campus includes ovals, play equipment and ‘The Backyard’. The Backyard is a natural play area where children create their own playground, among trees, shrubbery, soil and grass. They are encouraged to use what they can find to build cubbies, bridges, tunnels, ramps and vegetable patches.

Senior School:

In the Senior School, students can enrol in Outdoor Education subjects as well as participate in additional co-curricular activities. A key aspect of these courses is the development of a positive relationship between people and the natural environment. Strong interest and individual commitment are essential. Camps, field trips and practical session participation will involve time outside the regular timetable. Students may be involved in activities that are physically, emotionally or interpersonally challenging.

Senior School field trips
Junior School outdoor play
Middle School Camp