Enrolment Procedures

Should you decide that you would like to enrol your child at Trinity Christian School, then please complete an Application Form and lodge it at the school office with a $55 application fee.

Your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list after we receive the signed application form and application fee. There is no guarantee of a placement even when applications are received years in advance. A number of criteria are taken into consideration before an interview takes place and a position is offered, including: balance of Christian/non-Christian families in the class, sibling of present school family, position on the waiting list, transfer from another Christian school, boy/girl balance in the class, age and readiness of the child, ability of the school to meet the educational needs of the child.

Assessments are made for children transferring from other schools (when it is deemed necessary) to assess both the readiness of the child for the year level being sought and the ability of the school to cater for the child within its current level of resources.

Attendance at a Parent Information Evening and an individual family interview with the principal is usually required before the first child in the family is offered a place at the school.

Once the child has been offered a place, the parents then need to complete the enrolment process by signing an Acceptance of Enrolment form and paying the appropriate acceptance fee.

To re-enrol students returning to Trinity please complete an Application for Re-enrolment.

A term’s notice (or a term’s fees in lieu of notice) is required when a student leaves the school.

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