Senior School

Senior School at Trinity is dedicated to creating an environment that prepares our graduates to be lifelong learners and respected leaders of the future.

Trinity Christian School has a proud tradition of strong academic achievement. Our Years 9 – 12 curricular are robust and diverse and we ensure a solid focus on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. We support our students in pursuing excellence in the areas of Sport, Creative and Performing Arts, Christian Life Studies, Humanities, Technologies, Languages and Vocational Education and Training.

Senior students are encouraged to be actively involved in leading and coming alongside their younger peers. Peer support, school leadership and captaincy, sports coaching and participating in school-wide performances all enable Year 9 – 12 students to model respectful, caring and honourable behaviour to students in the ELC, Junior and Middle Schools.

Learning and curriculum

Years 9-10

Students in Years 9 -10 at Trinity are required to study:

  • English 
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Christian Life Studies 
  • Sports, Physical Education and Health

The remainder of a student’s educational package comprises a range of elective subjects, from faculties including Technologies, Creative and Performing Arts, Physical Education and Languages. 

Years 11-12

As of 2024 each student in Year 11 -12 at Trinity is required to complete at least a minor (two units) of Studies of Religion and a major (four units) of English. Failure to study the required units of English may prevent a student from entering various avenues of employment and/or further study.

The remainder of an educational package comprises a range of subjects and units from the Tertiary, Accredited or Vocational Education streams. Students and their families are encouraged to be forward-thinking in the choices and consider options across a range of faculties.

Course Handbooks

For complete information about the 2024 course offerings for senior students, download a Course Handbook:

Opportunities and your future

From the Head of School

Trinity Christian School is committed to providing a holistic education for students in Year 9 – 12 within a nurturing Christian learning environment. Our aim is to develop well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also value, respect, and accept each other. We believe in the importance of contributing to our community and instilling these values in our senior students. With a strong academic record, our school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes core subjects, creative and performing arts, vocational education courses, and industry and technology subjects. This diversity of programs allows our graduates to explore various tertiary endevours, career pathways and professions.

At Trinity Christian School, we provide opportunities for our students to showcase their God-given skills and abilities. We take pride in their achievements, whether in the fields of Mathematics, English, the sciences, technology, arts, robotics, languages, or on the sporting field. Our students’ all-round strength, resilience, and determination are evident in their performance not only academically but also in outdoor education activities.

We are excited to welcome you to our Senior School in 2024.

Mr Phil Roser
Head of Senior School

Student wellbeing and care

Student wellbeing and pastoral care at Trinity Christian School align with our Vision and Mission and are founded on the principles of love, mercy and justice in all circumstances. Our ultimate goal is meaningful and positive relationships and a deep sense of connectedness and belonging for all. We are committed to working cooperatively in partnership with parents and carers.

The care and concern for our students is prevalent on a day-to-day basis through the interactions between students and their teachers. While all members of our School community are ready and committed to working with students and their families, additional support is provided in the Senior School by the Senior School Wellbeing Coordinators, professional Social Workers, Occupational Therapist and our Head of Middle and Senior School.