Junior School

Our desire is to equip students for a lifetime of learning, purpose and engagement.

A successful start to a child’s education is critical in establishing strong foundations for learning. We want our Junior School students at Trinity Christian School to recognise and develop the individual gifts and abilities that God has given them. We understand the value of planting small seeds and then nurturing them to grow.

With a strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry, our Junior School aims to equip our students with the skills and curiosity to expand their thinking and problem-solving capabilities and so ignite their joy of learning. We encourage all our students to question, grapple, explore and reason so they may become capable, confident and powerful learners. When children and their families join our Junior School community, they feel valued, respected and cared for, both by our dedicated staff and also other families.

Learning and curriculum

Key learning areas

At Trinity Christian School, we are committed to providing an exceptional education that prepares students for a lifetime of learning. In our Junior School, we focus on equipping children with essential skills such as observation, collaboration, research, problem-solving, and communication.

Following the Australian Curriculum, we provide core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Physical Education and the Arts as well as a comprehensive range of specialist subjects, laying a solid foundation for our students.

Key learning areas

English (Literacy)

Mathematics (Numeracy)


Humanities and Social Science

Creative and Performing Arts

Christian Life Studies


Digital Technologies


Sports and Physical Education


Library and Research

From the Head of School

At Trinity Christian School we desire for each student to become all that God has created them to be – recognising and growing the unique gifts and abilities that God has given them.

We want our students to develop a passion for life and for learning. We believe the words in Proverbs (22:6) “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”. Children have an immense capacity to learn when their strengths and needs are identified and addressed. Every child is beautifully unique. They have the potential to not only succeed in attaining individual excellence, but to positively impact and make a difference in their community.

The Junior School is an exciting place where enthusiasm and engagement permeate every area of our campus. The learning experiences in and out of our classrooms are designed to inspire and motivate young minds and bodies, and encourage spiritual, cognitive, physical and social growth in each individual. We welcome you to our Junior School in 2024.

Mrs Alison Evans
Head of Junior School

Student wellbeing and care

Student wellbeing and pastoral care at Trinity Christian School align with our Vision and Mission and are founded on the principles of love, mercy and justice in all circumstances. Our ultimate goal is meaningful and positive relationships and a deep sense of connectedness and belonging for all. We are committed to working cooperatively in partnership with parents and guardians.

The care and concern for our students is prevalent on a day-to-day basis through the interactions between students and their teachers. While all members of our School community are ready and committed to working with students and their families, additional support is provided in the Junior School by the Junior School Wellbeing Coordinator, professional Social Workers, Occupational Therapist and our Head of Junior School.

Class parents

In the Junior School each class has one or two appointed class parents, whose role it is to support the classroom teacher. The role encompasses:

  • Pastoral care and concern for the families within the class
  • Pastoral support for the teacher
  • Communication within the class community
  • Organisation of class community events and activities,
    such as celebratory breakfasts, dinners, family picnics
  • Helping in the classroom

Before and After School Care

Families who require care for students outside of these hours can access ‘Kids Fun Club’, a Before and After School Care program run on the Trinity Christian School campus by an external provider. For further information regarding this service, families can contact the Coordinator on
0418 236 487.