Junior School Information

General Information

All students in Years K-5 are taught from all ten Key Learning Areas with the exception that Kindergarten and Year 1 are taught gross motor skills instead of German. All students are also taught Christian Life Studies, a subject focused on Christian belief and practice. There are four Kindergarten classes which have a maximum of 24 students. All other year levels have three classes, with a maximum of 27 students.

PE, Music and German are all taught by specialist teachers and children have access to the Trinity Music Program for individual tuition in various instruments. Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities outside the normal academic curriculum, eg Choir, Chess, Bands, Recorder Group, Dance Groups and various other sporting and general interest clubs.

Each class has a computer for students to use in the classroom and students in Years 2-5 work in the Computer Laboratory twice a week for German and Computing.

Parent Involvement and Partnerships

The school regards parents as having prime responsibility for the education of their children, so staff work co-operatively in partnership with parents. Each class has a Class Parent who works with the teacher and liaises with other parents to help with reading, computer use, excursions, sports and camps. Students have partners – usually a student in another year group – to be their friend and support, eg Year 5 have partners in Kindergarten, Year 4 partner Year 1 etc. This helps maintain the caring approach we maintain in the school.

Sport and Outdoor Education

Trinity is a member of the Primary Schools Sports Association and participates in a wide range of sports. A gradual progression in camping experience starts with a ‘sleepover’ in Year 4 and builds up to a three day camp in Year 5. Excursions help enrich the educational development of all children from K-5.

Children With Special Needs

Resource assistance is provided for students needing extra help with the basics of literacy and numeracy. Those who demonstrate advanced skills are extended through involvement in the various extension programs or participation in writing competitions and other challenges.

Before and After School Care

A very successful program is provided by “Kids Fun Club” for students needing care before and after school. For further information regarding this service, please contact 0418 236 487.


Full written reports are provided at the end of each Semester. In addition, student progress and achievement information is provided for parents in the style of “learning journeys” at the end of Semester 1. These include students’ self-evaluation of their learning. Parents are invited to participate in Parent/Teacher Interviews in Term 1 and in Term 3. Staff are always available for interviews and discussions throughout the year to foster our parent/teacher partnership.

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