Senior School Information

General Information

The Senior School at Trinity Christian School is a vibrant community of approximately 370 students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12. A wide range of subjects are studied in each of these year levels and these are taught through a Christian worldview. Teachers are encouraged to teach students through the enduring Christian principles of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging students to complete their school work to the best of their ability and high standards of behaviour and dress are expected from students on all occasions.

An extensive pastoral care system is provided through vertical Pastoral Care Groups, which meet daily with their Pastoral Care teacher to provide encouragement, support and care to the students. Student leaders are appointed to each of these groups to assist the teacher in providing a caring ‘home away from home’ for students. Pastoral Care Teachers are supported by two Year Level Advisors, the Welfare Coordinator and the Head of the Senior Section.

Years 9-10

All Year 9 and 10 students study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Languages, Christian Life Studies, PE/Sport and Personal Development. The remainder of their educational programme is chosen from an extensive range of elective units. Elective units are studied on a semester basis and come from a variety of key learning areas including Creative & Performing Ministries, Design Technology, Digital Technology, Physical Education, Humanities, Christian Life Studies, Languages (German or Spanish) and English.

Further information, including course information, is available in the Year 9-10 Handbook. Enquiries can be made to the Year 9/10 Senior Studies Coordinator.

Years 11-12

College students have the opportunity to select the majority of their subjects. English is a required subject of study in both Years 11 and 12, while Mathematics and Christian Life Studies must be studied for at least 1 year. The remainder of their subjects are chosen from a comprehensive range of units. Subjects are generally studied for both years and include various options from each of the following faculties: English, Mathematics, Science, Christian Life Studies, Creative & Performing Arts, Design Technology, Digital Technology, Physical Education, Humanities and Languages (German or Spanish).

Further information, including course information, is available in the Year 11 and 12 handbook. Enquiries can be made to the College Studies Coordinator.

Careers Education

The Careers Advisor is able to assist students in expanding their knowledge about work and related issues and appointments can be made through the Student Office. The Careers Adviser also organises Vocational Education, Australian School Based Apprenticeships and the transition to the work force. This includes notifying students and parents of Open Days at various institutions and providing other relevant careers information.

All students in Year 10 are expected to undertake work experience towards the end of Semester One. Work Experience is organised in consultation with the Careers Advisor, who will encourage Year 10 students to find their own placements early in Term One of Year 10.

Vocational Education Training (VET) courses

Trinity offers a range of nationally recognised VET Certificates and qualifications that students can complete at the same time as their Year 12. Through partnerships with Registered Training Organisations such as Tranformational Institute, Communities@Work and College of Sound and Music Production these additional qualifications can increase the employability of graduates and provide them with hands-on work experience and training.*

Students study the VET certificates and qualifications on one of the lines in their school timetable. VET courses are a valuable addition to any Year 12 package. For each of the certificates, a certain number of hours must be fulfilled in a Structured Workplace environment outside of the school. This Structured Workplace Learning is usually completed during school holiday times.

Find out more about the Vocational Education Training (VET) courses that are offered at Trinity.

*Nationally recognised training (NRT) is delivered under the auspices of Transformational Institute (RTO ID:31269), Communities@Work (RTO ID:88148), or The College of Sound and Music Production (RTO ID:50392).

Partnership Between Home and School

It is imperative that the partnership between home and school continues to be strong during the time that students are in the Senior School. Parents / guardians are encouraged to have a strong involvement in their son / daughter’s education throughout Years 9-12, by reading essays and assignments and helping them to be organised and diligent with assessment due dates. As parents have the prime responsibility for the education of their children, staff at the Trinity are enthusiastic to work co-operatively in partnership with parents.

Students With Special Needs

Assistance is provided for students needing extra help with literacy, numeracy and various other academic requirements. Those who demonstrate advanced skills are extended through involvement in the extension programs.

Outdoor Education and Camps

There is an extensive outdoor education curriculum available as electives through the Physical Education faculty in Years 9-12. Students are encouraged to participate in initiatives such as the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Students are also required to attend an annual year level camp. These camps take place interstate at different locations and provide a wonderful opportunity for the students to complete challenging activities outside of the classroom as well as a means of building community within the group.

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