Great results for TCS students

Canberra Times - "Trinity Christian School had the highest proportion of students achieve an ATAR of 65 or above, with 92 per cent of its eligible students meeting that benchmark."

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Bernadette Mearns, Head of Senior School had this to say:

It was with great pleasure that we witnessed the excitement and relief of so many of last year’s Year 12 students who achieved so well in their ATAR results for 2013. Many of them achieved much better than they even dared hope. In particular, some of the highlights were the 92% of Trinity students attaining an ATAR over 65 and the fact that we, with a median ATAR of 81.5, were the college with the fifth highest median ATAR.

We would like to celebrate the achievements of two excellent students last year, Emily, Dux of our college for her consistently high scores across all subjects, and Rebecca, who received the BSSS recognition of excellence for achieving the highest ATAR.

We praise God for His presence in our school, for His guidance and steadfast provision. It is a great joy to see our school emerging as a centre of academic excellence in the Tuggeranong valley, faithful to the Lord and comprising students keen to reach their full potential.