Meeting with Senator Zed Seselja

On Thursday, 3 April 2014, The Social Justice League of Trinity Christian School enjoyed an opportunity to meet with Senator Zed Seselja to discuss a range of social justice issues.

The group asked Senator Seselja about his journey into politics, about how the Government developed its current foreign aid budget, and to explain what is inhibiting Australia from taking more refugees from UNHCR camps. Along with talking about the relevant pressures faced by the Government, Senator Seselja encouraged the group to be involved in the political process and to continue to be passionate about local and global justice issues. The students thanked Senator Seselja for giving up his time for these discussions.

The Trinity Christian School Social Justice League is a group of Senior School students who meet on Thursdays at lunchtime, together with a Senior School member of staff. They have focussed on a range of injustices in the past two years including poverty, homelessness, human trafficking, slavery, fair trade and refugees. They aim to raise awareness of these issues by speaking at year meetings, assemblies and by hosting information nights. The group has worked to help people suffering from injustice by raising money, lobbying politicians through meetings and letters, and by writing letters to girls rescued from trafficked conditions.