Kindergarten to Year 12

We have had so many great reports about our Open Day yesterday.

I heard stories of:

  • former students wanting to move to the area so that their children can come to our school,
  • bus drivers requesting a Trinity route because they are so impressed by our students with their good behavior and outstanding manners,
  • a student that had seen our production of Seussical TM and insisted she wanted to come to Trinity to be part of our amazing CAPM department (Creative & Performing Ministries).

Mr Clayton was also very proud, and had this to say "Well, another great Open Day. So many positives. You are all to be commended for making this such a success. It's not just about winning new hearts, it's often about maintaining what we have. Loved the pride in the faces of our students who conducted the tours. There is a sense of ownership and pride being displayed by all of them. This just reinforces with them the value of our school and probably helps to retain students who might be considering other options. A number of ex students coming back with their own children. We should gain a number of new families as a result. You are all doing very, very well! God is good all of the time."