A life changing experiance

Thank you all so much for your generosity, together we were able to send about $7,200 to Uganda to bless those communities.

We were touched by the stories of two students in particular, one student raised about $1,200 towards the mission and another student in the Junior School emptied their whole piggy bank to donate.

The team that went over had a life changing experience, as well as the people they met and interacted with.

Some of the team have given us an insight to a few of the things that impacted them during their mission trip.

  • Going to Uganda has really changed my perspective. Seeing just how little the people over there have and yet how happy they still are, was really eye opening. One of my favourite moments was the village church, watching all the kids dancing, before the most adorable little girl climbed in my lap and fell asleep. - Hannah
  • A boy named Josh would come to where we were staying every afternoon. He would bring his school books along with any school work he was having trouble with. He was 17 years old but was in the equivalent of 8 at school. We made quite a strong friendship, and then on our last day in Uganda I had asked him to come to where we were staying to give him some gifts. Sadly he wasn’t able to come. I have attempted to contact him but he has no postal address, no email, no phone number and no Facebook. Although it is sad that I may never see him again, it was an inspirational opportunity to gain insight into Josh’s life in Uganda. - Lachlan
  • One of the highlights of the Uganda trip was our visit to Watoto Subi (orphanage). I held one baby girl in a cute little pink outfit. I sat down on the grass and she hugged me the whole time. It was really moving. - Hayley
  • My favourite part was visiting all the Watoto Orphanages and seeing the impact that you can have on the kids in such a short period of time. - Zoe
  • One of the most impacting moments that happened on the trip was when the smallest thing, even spending the shortest amount of time playing with the kids impacted them so much, they were just so thankful and appreciative. - Zoe