World Vision and Trinity Christian School

Jordan Gallagher, the NSW/ACT World Vision Youth Ambassador, came from Sydney to meet with our Social Justice League students on Friday 8 August.

It was an inspirational meeting and Jordan’s passion for serving Christ was evident. The students were able to ask many questions and seek advice from her before she addressed the Senior School Assembly.

A few of the members of the TCS Social Justice League are hosting a stall at the local CIT farmers market from 8.30 - 11.30 on Sunday 24 October and Sunday 14 September. They are raising funds to support our World Vision sponsor children. Proceeds from the upcoming mufti day will also be going towards our sponsor children.

Trinity’s two sponsor children are:

Haile from Ethiopia*

Haile is in grade 7, her favourite subject is Biology, and she loves participating in sport. She is a member of the language and culture club at school. Her dream is to become a nurse because she wants to help the people in her community.

Her and her family mostly eat kocho which is a bread-like food made from fermented shavings from the false banana plant. Coffee is also a large part of Ethiopian culture/cuisine. After every meal, a coffee ceremony is enacted and espresso coffee is served.

Sin from Cambodia*

Sin is in Year 2, his favourite subject at school is maths and he loves to juggle. He goes to school 6 days a week. His favourite animal is a parrot and his favourite food is fried egg. His dream is to become a doctor. His favourite thing to do is meeting with his family.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. One-third of the population lives below the poverty line. Another third lives on less than $2 a day.

Later this month some of our students will be participating in World Vision’s "40 Hour Famine". Participating students will be giving up food or something else that really matters to them for 40 hours, to raise money to help children living in poverty overseas. If you would like to join or support the team click here

We are really proud of our students who are choosing to look beyond themselves to help those less fortunate.

* Haile is in the green shirt and Sin is the boy in front of the others writing

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.