Amazing results

What an exciting day yesterday, Year 12s received their ATAR results. There were many squeals and tears of joy. We are extremely happy for and proud of our students.

2014 ATAR Statistics:

  • 83 students gained a Year 12 Certificate 
  • 65 students received an ATAR 
  • 51 students gained ATAR of 65 or above (78.5%)
  • 42 students gained ATAR of 80 or above (64.6%) 
  • 18 students gained ATAR of 90 or above (27.7%)
  • 14 students gained ATAR of 95 or above (21.5%) 
  • 10 students gained ATAR of 96 or above (15.4%)
  • Median ATAR 83.30 (2013 Median was 81.55)

This year, the median ATAR attained by the school was 83.3, up by 2 points on last year, an achievement which has moved us up to 4th place among the 24 colleges of the ACT, from the 5th place we have held for last few years. In addition, our top ATAR of 99.80 was a huge achievement and one which was very well deserved. We are statistically the highest achieving college in the Tuggeranong valley and we will always seek to encourage students to give of their absolute best.

It will be wonderful to see our engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists go out into the world, share their faith and advocate for God’s kingdom in their chosen fields.

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.