How we prepare at Trinity

The Australian Scaling Test (AST) is treated with seriousness and diligence at Trinity Christian School. We are extremely proud of our Year 12 graduates.

Looking at our ATAR scores over the years we have consistently achieved one of the highest percentages for ACT colleges.

In the mid 1970s, the ACT moved away from its New South Wales neighbour and introduced the college system. College in the ACT makes the distinction between the junior years of high school and years eleven and twelve. It reflects the belief that students in years eleven and twelve are emerging adults and their experience in the classroom should support their developing independence and maturity. Each school compiles its own curriculum, in line with the Australian Curriculum, and teachers tailor individual units to meet student demands and needs. As a result, the senior secondary system in the ACT is less centralised than any other in Australia and the scope and learning across all the ACT colleges is broad.

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) uses the Australian Scaling Test (AST) to measure overall achievements and critical thinking skills of all ACT students. This test ranks every student against his or her class group (cohort) and against every other student in the ACT doing a Tertiary package. In other words, it scales their scores. A student’s scaled course scores are used in the calculation of that student’s ATAR.

The Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is the rank by Year 12 candidature and is the figure which will determine acceptance for tertiary study. For example, an ATAR of 92 means that the student is placed in the top 8% of candidates in the ACT.

The Australian Scaling Test is treated with seriousness and diligence at Trinity Christian School. The school has established a two year program that facilitates students’ engagement with the test and understanding of the test’s function in the scaling process. The program is run by the AST coordinator, Sarah Lysewycz, in conjunction with various teachers who assist in delivering sessions on specialised skills necessary for the successful completion of the AST.

The program provides opportunities for students to practise sitting the test in the form of trials as well as fortnightly (Year 11) and weekly (Year 12) classes in which different question ‘types’ and skills can be explored. The school is very proud of its students and the seriousness with which they embrace the challenge of senior studies. With patience, practice, prayer and perseverance, they will continue to develop their God-given abilities and talents and use them in His service.

Ms Sarah Lysewycz
English Coordinator

Encouraging message from one of our parents

I just wanted so say thank you to you and your teaching staff for the wonderful contribution you have made to Alyssa's education over the past 6 years. Special thanks must be given to Sarah Lysewycz for her hard work, expertise and encouragement in coaching the students for their AST test. It was apparent at the Senior Thanksgiving evening that a large number of students were assessed as receiving an ATAR greater than 90. This is a credit to our hard working students, our wonderful teaching staff but on no small way to Sarah and the inspiration and sound advice she passed on to the students.

Alyssa is extremely happy with her results and her ATAR. It looks as though Alyssa will now realise her goal of studying physiotherapy. A fair amount of inspiration towards her career choice has also come from Anthony Kennedy who taught Alyssa the past two years in Human Movement. Josephine Batten was also very supportive in her role as careers adviser. We will never forget our journey through Trinity Christian School, the wonderful teaching staff and the lovely friends Alyssa has made along the way.

- TCS Parent.