A successful school start for Kindergarten 2015

Our 80 new Kindergarten students have happily dived into their first term of school with notable readiness and an eagerness to learn.

Their days are full of modern, updated Australian Curriculum programs, complemented by specialist classes of music, library, PE, and Gross Motor lessons.

The recently completed PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary Schools) assessment has assisted in identifying individual student needs in early literacy and numeracy development. The results obtained are used by teaching staff to inform teaching practices, and, when assessed again at the end of the year, highlight the accomplishments made, and form the basis for any support or extension requirements into Year 1.

Friendships beyond the classrooms are also being formed and nurtured through weekly Kindergarten Rotations, as well as through partnerships with the Year 5 Buddy system.

The merits of safety, respect, and learning, are instilled into our Kindergarten students from the beginning, and assist with social skilling and independent problem solving issues.

If you would like to ensure a successful school start for your child, and secure a position for Kindergarten 2016, enrolments forms and information are available here or come and visit us on our upcoming Open Day on Wednesday 5 May.

Anna Powys
Kindergarten Teacher