Community defibrillator fundraiser

A need that has been highlighted in our immediate community is youth cardiac arrest. A recent incident within our school community highlighted the value of defibrillators.

It also showed the importance of raising awareness of cardiac arrest in young people.

'Christianity in the Community' is an elective course that teaches students how to practically apply their faith through highlighting and responding to needs in our local and overseas community.

The cost of a defibrillator is $2600 and many communities cannot afford to buy one. We are fortunate to own one here at Trinity Christian School.

It has come to our attention that the PCYC (Police and Community Youth Centre) at Erindale which provides a brighter future for young people through direction, development and opportunity, are without a defibrillator due to the cost.

To raise awareness of youth cardiac arrest and to support a youth community in need of a defibrillator, the Christianity in the Community class held two BBQs at school one for students in Years 6 -10 and the other for students in Years 3 - 5.

The PCYC came along to enjoy the afternoon and brought their soccer and tennis TV games for the students to play with.

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.