Interview with Mr Ian Hewitt

We recently caught up with our new Principal, Ian Hewitt, and asked him a few questions about himself and what is important to him as he prepares to lead our school from the beginning of next year.

Where did you grow up and which schools did you attend?

I had the privilege of growing up in the country towns of Parkes, Griffith and Leeton. My school days were spent at East Griffith Primary School and then Leeton High School. Growing up in a country town was a great experience with the freedom to explore and the community spirit which existed in these towns still uppermost as I reflect on my childhood. A childhood which was spent camping, sailing, and involved with church and Scouts.

You have been a part of the Trinity community before. What can you tell us about that?

I can remember one of my first times at Trinity was for a job interview. There were families busy at a working bee planting the lawn and garden at the front of the administration and science areas. Trinity was a much smaller school then with many of the founding families and the foundation Principal still at the school. These were still the pioneering years and over the coming years there were many changes at Trinity with school musicals, more new buildings, a school bus, trees being planted, full classes and a celebration to mark 10 years of Christian education.

What is your favourite season in Canberra, and why?

It’s hard to choose a single season as I enjoy the distinct seasons we do have and the way in which our region changes as the year progresses. But since I need to choose one, I would have to say winter with the snow that this brings to the mountains and the opportunity to go ‘backcountry’ on skis. There’s something pretty special about waking up in the snow after a night camping out and seeing God’s beautiful creation first-hand with few others around.

What is the last good movie that you watched?

I don’t get to see many movies but I did enjoy watching Hidden Figures recently. To watch the story unfold of three brilliant mathematicians (who just happened to be African-American women) put their minds to solving an amazingly complex set of problems was quite inspiring. It reminded me of the phenomenal capacity that the human brain has in solving the most complex problems and the creative way in which we go about this as we explore our world and beyond.

Who is a person from the Bible you are amazed by, and why?

Apart from the obvious answer of Jesus I would have to say Paul. He was someone whom you thought had no chance of accepting Christ into his life but he eventually did. Paul then went on to be one of the most influential writers of the Bible, a church planter and mentor to Timothy. Someone who clearly listened to God and allowed Him to work through him to spread the good news.

What do you like to do on your weekends and holidays?

Time to relax in the outdoors is always a pleasure. In the mountains, in the desert, bushwalking, skiing, mountain bike riding or sailing are a great way to wind down. Weekends and holidays are also a wonderful time to catch up with my wife and two daughters to create those shared family experiences.

What is your favourite food?

Anything at the end of a day’s bushwalking or skiing always tastes great, especially when eaten in the bush. I’m happy with a meal cooked in a camp oven, over a campfire or from a barbecue in the backyard with family and friends. Equally, I enjoy a good Thai meal or experiencing new cuisine from any part of the world at a great restaurant.

Where is somewhere you’d like to travel, but have not yet been?

For the natural beauty, I’d love to explore Canada in both summer and winter. Next on my list is to explore our nearest Asian neighbour, Indonesia, and to experience its diverse and beautiful landscapes, culture, people and food.

What is something you looking forward to about coming to Trinity Christian School as Principal next year?

I’m looking forward to coming back to a school which will celebrate 40 years of Christian education in just a few years’ time.

As I commence next year, I look forward to leading the school community as we work together in implementing our next strategic plan. My prayer is that in partnership with our parents, the staff and with Council we clearly listen to God’s plan and that we allow him to work through each one of us in bringing the next chapter to life at Trinity as we strive for excellence in Christian education.

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