Miss Powys celebrates her 10th year of teaching Kindergarten at Trinity Christian School 

On Monday, Kindergarten start full days at Trinity Christian School. This is an exciting step for them and one of many milestones they will reach this year.

2018 marks a special milestone for one of our fabulous Kindergarten teachers – Miss Anna Powys. This is the 10th year of Miss Powys teaching Kindergarten at Trinity. To celebrate this decade of achievement, Miss Powys spoke about her time teaching at Trinity and what she especially loves about Kindergarten. Some of her original Kindy students, who are now in Year 9, also had some things to say. 

“Miss Powys was probably my favourite teacher. She did lots of activities that were fun and interesting. We also did lots of dancing – I really remember the dancing!” Kelsey

In 2009, Miss Anna Powys joined the Trinity teaching team as a Kindergarten teacher. She had already been teaching in Melbourne and was excited to be re-joining the Trinity community, having attended here as a Kindergartener herself. There was a mixture of personalities in her first KG class, and some of these now Year 9’s still say hello when they see her across the campus.

“Miss Powys was a very good teacher she was always kind and caring, she taught us a lot of different stuff and made it fun. When I was in Kindy my brother was a baby. She was his Kindergarten teacher too. Miss Powys has the power to make people smile.” Sachin

Anna believes that Kindergarten is the most rewarding year level in terms of the growth and improvement that occurs with the children. Fostering their independence from day one plays a huge part in the change that happens, and watching school confidence and personality emerge is so exciting. Anna receives great professional satisfaction from seeing Kindergarten children grow from learning individual letter sounds at the start of the year, to developing reading strategies and independent journaling by the end of the year. She is a great proponent of sparking strong foundations in literacy and loves introducing students to clever, witty children’s authors such as Jon Klasson, Oliver Jeffers and Mo Willems. 

Through her decade in Kindergarten at Trinity, Anna has had the privilege of guiding entire families through their first year of school. She has taught many siblings and feels blessed by the connections that she has made with families. If Miss Powys has taught your child over the past 10 years, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make sure she gets the messages.

If you know someone who might be interested in enrolling in Kindergarten for 2019 or 2020, visit www.tcs.act.edu.au/enrolments