A day filled with colour, fun and excitement

On Thursday 22 May 2018, our school was filled with colour, fun and excitement as we celebrated Trinity Day 2018.

This year in May, is the 38th birthday of Trinity Christian School. Over the next two years we will be looking at building on Trinity Day and hope that many of our students, alumni staff and families will be a part of this celebration and many others that we have planned. Here are some Year 8 student reviews of the Trinity Day celebrations:

I really enjoyed Trinity Day and it was so much fun. The guest speaker was really inspiring and shared a good message of their Christian faith. The lunch time stalls were also great. The cardboard vehicle race was a fantastic team activity. Trinity Day is a great demonstration of our school spirit!
Anne Louise

I think Trinity Day is a brilliant idea and a fantastic event to be at. The car race was a lot of fun and everyone was getting involved whether it was the bystanders cheering for their PCG group to win or the actual racers going as fast as they can in there cardboard vehicles. Even the teachers were enjoying the race. There was enough food for everyone at the food stands when the race was over and what was being served was delicious. The events that the students selected were a lot of fun and brought a lot of people together who liked the same thing. Overall I would say that Trinity Day was a huge success!

Trinity Day this year was great I had so much fun, enjoying all the activities. The vehicle race was so much fun building, racing and cheering on my team. The lunch time stalls had a lot of variety. I had the best time cooking with my friends and making the pancake art. The guest speaker was very interesting.

Thanks for the wonderful events and the great amount of food stalls. Thanks also for inviting the guest speaker to talk to us, I found it to be rather interesting. I also think that the selection of events was fantastic. As this was my first Trinity Day I thought that it was great!

Trinity Day was an absolutely incredible day. The cardboard vehicles were amazing to create. Even though our vehicle fell apart, it was great fun to watch. At lunch, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting each of the stalls and deciding on what to buy. With so many options, I was lost for choice. After enjoying a sausage sizzle, I went to my elected activity. The cooking elective was incredible. I was able to make and design pancakes with my friends. I had a lot of fun and would love to do it again next year.

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