Look how far they’ve come!

Today our 2018 Kindys celebrated 100 days of Kindergarten. What a fun, energetic day filled with special visitors, games and new learning adventures – all surrounding the Number 100.

Each student was asked to bring in a small bag filled with 100 items. We saw bags of screws, marbles, cereal, lollies, paper clips, special rocks and many other tiny treasures. The items were used as part of an integrated maths and literacy lesson of measuring, sorting, weighing and then journal writing.

Other hundred-themed highlights included:

  • A treasure hunt
  • A photo booth that uses an ageing app to make the children look like they’re 100
  • 100 glasses and party hats, and
  • Games and races to 100.

Unfortunately our Kinder – Year 2 Curriculum Coordinator Mrs Ros Grosse missed the special event. However we did have a very special visit from Great-Grandma Grosse, who recently turned 100!

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.