Unique skills and extraordinary musical ability

“I love music because it gives me opportunities to glorify God. It helps me to express the person I am deep within.”- Alpha (Year 11, Guitar)

The College Music recital on Wednesday 12 June, focusing on the Romantic Period, was an incredible evening shared by the school community. The students displayed unique skills and extraordinary ability as they used music to express a part of themselves. Student’s pieces were structured by one Romantic and one ‘free choice’. Genres spanned from Romantic symphonies by Antonio Dvorak to 1950’s swing and bebop by Charlie Parker. Such range of genres and instruments portrayed the very different personalities among the musicians.

Reflecting upon the recital, Amy, vocalist and guitarist, spoke of her love for music and the way in which it shares with the world who she is: “I love music because it is an emotional outlet and it is a community builder. With music there is a variance of genres and it can express your personality.”

As music flowed through the audience and filled the room, you couldn’t help but feel the passion of each musician. Each individual placed their own spin on the composer’s story. Ryan’s jazz recitation of Over the Rainbow provided an exceptional example of the particular interests of each student.

The musicians utilised the composer’s story to tell a piece of their own. The stories their music told made you believe that music is powerful indeed.

Written by Ebony (CAPA Captain 2019)