Testimonies and stories

A group of Trinity's senior students and staff traveled to India in the October holidays.

Students had their eyes opened to what God is doing in India in the 2011 Mission.

Peta - Seeing what Operation Mobilisation (OM) does in the community was amazing! The spirit and sense of community that is felt amongst the people at the AIDS hospital and the Good Shepherd School Solapur was awesome. Walking into both facilities, I immediately felt safe and God’s presence amongst us all. I would have to say that visiting the OM AIDS hospital was the highlight of my trip and I would like to thank Thangaraj and Ahmuda for their hospitality and may God bless them and the work they do.

Callan - The OM bases are really good, the food was really nice and I liked the church services. There is good work happening at the AIDS hospital, the family is doing good work, especially since they have 2 children to raise. It is also good that they are providing jobs for the people with AIDS. Going to the school was really fun. I enjoyed teaching the kids and also playing with them in their break times. It was good going to a school where they hadn’t had mission groups before.

Taylor - Throughout the 16 days spent in India we were witness to the mighty works of God in a foreign country. As we learnt of the history behind the AIDS hospital in Dharmapuri and its future goals it was evident that God had great plans for Thangaraj and Ahmuda. The testimonies of the women at the hospital touched us all deeply, as they spoke of how God became their everything, when everyone else had left. The love for the Lord God was evident in every one of the staff members and students. Without OM, these ladies would never have found their way home.

Jess - During our visit to India we were provided with some amazing opportunities to see how God has worked in the lives of others and is continuing to work in the lives of the people of India. We were given some amazing opportunities to see and experience some incredible things, including teaching at the Good Shepherd School in Solapur, visiting the AIDS hospital in Dharmapuri and the OM bases in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. While visiting the AIDS hospital we were given the opportunity to hear testimonies of some of the women whose lives have been affected by AIDS. It was wonderful to see how God has worked in these women’s lives and among all the trials these women have faced, their faith and trust in God is so strong and has been strengthened due to their circumstances. It was encouraging to hear the testimonies of women who, thanks to OM and the work they are doing, have come to know Christ personally and have given their hearts to the Lord. Being able to see God working in the lives of the people of India was unforgettable and I pray that God will bless the works OM are doing and the people working there and that they may continue bringing many hearts to the Lord.

Emily - My trip to India has taught me a lot about our world and the different cultures that surround us. It was a privilege to be able to meet, interact with and help different people working with OM. It was encouraging to see firsthand how OM’s work is helping so many different people from so many different backgrounds. Even amongst some of the saddest situations, OM’s work is providing hope.

Mel - We ventured into the Good Shepherd School, at Solapur with bucket loads of enthusiasm and hearts ready to serve. We were greeted at the school by hundreds of small smiling faces, all wanting to shake our hands. Never have I felt so much joy in one place. The next 4 day’s teaching was an experience that I will never forget. To have a chance to not only see the way that God works in children’s lives, but to be able to encourage that relationship, was a once in a life time experience. God taught me so much during our time in India. He taught me to trust in him, that he has everything under control and that just because someone looks different on the outside does not mean that they are any less important to him. Most of all he taught me that no matter where life takes us he loves us and will always hold us close. Despite the crazy driving (in which I was sure we were going to die!) and the culture shock that comes with going to a different county, I loved my experience in India. I would do it again in a second.
"I can do all things through him who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13

Dan - On this 15 days’ trip, my major highlight was teaching the students at the Good Shepherd School in Solapur. When we arrived at the gate of the school the vehicle was surrounded by all the children. They were all so excited to see us so unexpectedly and then realising we were going to spend the next 4 days with them. I taught the Standard Two class with my partner Peta. This particular class had 56 students and they sat on the floor with their school bag and text books. This was a real shock for Peta and me, thinking, can we actually teach these kids on our own? But the children were very respectful and behaved when we taught them Mathematics, English, Australian Geography and Bible stories with two or three songs. Overall the trip was a highlight and my experiences and the smiles on the children’s faces will never be forgotten.