Chlorine, caps, colours and crazy captains – swimming carnival time!

Three section swimming carnivals across 4 school day.

Students from Year 3 to Year 12 had the opportunity to race against their peers and to gainpoints for their house and attempting to earn selection through to the interschool carnivals.

House spirit was clearly bubbling away in the stands, with cheers, chants and war cries setting the tone for the competitors in the pool. Intermediate Captains assisted at the Junior Section Carnival, while Senior Section Captains fired up the houses at the Intermediate carnival. Parents were well represented at all carnivals, and as always played a vital role assisting staff in keeping the carnivals ticking over.

Between medleys and form strokes, there were house swims, staff and student relays, noodle races, belly flop and big bomb competitions, and for the first time an “Iron Man” relay at the Senior carnival which included egg and spoon, downing a dry weet-bix and dragging a weight through the pool - loads of fun for all.

Well done to all students who got into the pool and raced for their house, and to those who supported from the stand - a great team effort all round.

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.