Inspiring singer from South Africa!!

On Friday, August 30, Year 7, 8, 9 and College students had the privilege of listening to a visiting music performer, Andre de Villiers, from South Africa.

Andre spoke about some of his life journey with the Lord and played a number of his songs to illustrate his story. Andre also shared a number of prominent television advertisements which featured not only his songs but his musical talents. It was an inspirational time for the students, as Andre spoke of his experiences of ministering to people, from those on death row in Texas, to drug rehabilitation centres in Mozambique, to prisons in South Africa. He spoke about the joys and the heartache of his family, including the experience of seeing one of his children addicted to crack cocaine, before being restored to full health by the Lord. It was a wonderful time as Andre ministered to us all through his music and story. Some students and a Pastoral Care Group have written to Andre to thank him for the experience that we shared with him (see below).

Jason Ward
Deputy Principal - Welfare

It was inspiring to hear how God has worked in his life and family, and how God has filled him with musical talent. The music was beautiful and the way he presented everything was really lovely. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the incredible experience of hearing his amazing talents from God. Thank you so much.
- Pastoral Care Group R4

Dear Andre, I admire that you go to prisons to sing songs and talk to prisoners. I encourage your continuous work and songs. Also, I like your music because it has meaning behind the song. 
- Year 9 student

Andre, you were amazing and you have a strong meaning behind every song. My mum’s excited that there are still good singers like you. Keep up the good work.
- Year 9 student

Andre, you’re awesome! Your songs made me cry and laugh at the same time and the meanings were excellent. I love songs like that, that have meaning behind them and your’s certainly did. I hope you keep writing songs.
- Year 9 student

Andre I really enjoyed your songs. I know them because I moved from South Africa some years ago and your songs you sang reminded me of when we would have a braai (BBQ) and have friends over. When it got later we would slow the music down and every time choose one of your songs. My favourite was the one you wrote for Daniel. When you told us about your life I started crying, as most of it my friends have gone through. Thank you for coming to our school. 
- Senior School student

What a beautiful performance and spirit Andre gave us this morning. Thank you so much for organising him to come. I think it is great that we give our kids these opportunities to hear and see faith in action in the real world. 
- Teacher at Trinity.

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