Results are out!

The results are out and we are so proud of our Year 12 students.

Here are some of the statistics:

  • 61 out of the 65 TCS students completed a Tertiary Package
  • 54% of students doing the Tertiary Package received scores above 80
  • 21% (13) of our students doing the Tertiary Package received scores above 90
  • The median result was 81.55
  • The top result was 98

Congratulations on your achievement, we wish you all the best in your future.

May the blessing of God be upon you:

  • May God keep you safe when you are in danger.
  • May God guide you in the way of Love.
  • May God support you in danger or hardship.
  • May God lift up your heart when you are feeling low.
  • May God comfort you when you are feeling lonely. 
  • May God give you strength when you are weak. 
  • May God bring you home when you are lost.
  • May God surround you with loving care, always and forever.

You are holy, you are chosen, you are loved and you are blessed.

Children and their families can build relationships and friendships that carry you through your schooling years and be long lasting.