Joining Our Team

Trinity Christian School is an independent, co-educational Preschool to Year 12 school located in the Tuggeranong Valley in Canberra. For over 40 years, Trinity Christian School has been equipping students to live meaningful lives beyond school. However, the true indication of a school’s quality is not in its past but in how well its students learn to have loving hearts, enquiring minds and generous spirits. These are the core aspirations we have for our students and ones that are at the core of the Christian education we provide.

At Trinity Christian School we endeavour to make the link between our faith, what we do and how we teach. As a staff member at Trinity, you will help our students in becoming who they were created to be in Christ. How you support and develop them should also bring a Kingdom perspective, set students’ minds on things above, deliver meaning and show purpose.

The pedagogy in our classrooms at Trinity should engage enquiring minds, build questioning, allow for grappling, exploring and reasoning. The students we teach should be given opportunities to grow and serve, so they may see who they are becoming and their purpose. As we undertake to grow our learners in both faith and learning, we must build in them the capacity to do so.

Our Strategic Priorities 2019-2022 have seen significant research, planning and change over the past few years. This work culminated in various reports such as our 2030 Learning Futures paper, which outlines our direction as a ‘Learning Centred School’ and the Relational Schools Report, which provided a clear place for student wellbeing in the school.

Benefits of Working at Trinity

Trinity Christian School is an employer that promotes staff excellence and values the benefit that our professional team bring to the school. In addition to the highly competitive remuneration and conditions as set out in the MEA we offer the following additional benefits to our staff across the school including: 

  • Attractive salary packaging arrangements
  • School fee concessions
  • Generous annual Staff Development Award program
  • Access to employee Assistance Program
  • Financial support for relocation expenses for many positions

Positions Available

ELC Educator
Casual and part-time cleaning positions
Casual relief and part-time ELC positions for both Diploma and Cert III Educators