Thank you for your interest in Trinity Christian School. We are currently accepting enrolment applications for 2024 and all future years. There are a small number of vacancies in selected 2023 year levels. A waiting list is in place for year levels that are fully enrolled. 

The following process applies to new prospective families, returning families and siblings:

  • Interested families are required to complete an online Enrolment Application form, which includes a $55 non-refundable application fee. 
  • Applications will be added to our waiting list once processed.
  • Prospective students will be invited for a family interview once we are able to proceed with their application.
  • After the family interview, you will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application.
  • Once a place has been offered, parents are required to secure their child’s enrolment by signing an Acceptance of Enrolment form, paying the non-refundable acceptance fee and submitting all relevant documentation. 


Trinity Christian School is an Independent Christian co-educational school. The following policy applies to applications for enrolment at our School:

  • All parents/guardians with children who are eligible to attend an Australian school may apply for enrolment at Trinity Christian School.
  • All applications must be in writing, otherwise they will only be considered as expressions of interest.
  • All applications are considered for enrolment and students’ names will be placed on a waiting list. Being placed on a waiting list does not guarantee a place.
  • Kindergarten to Year 12 Enrolment are continuous from one year to the next, so long as there is an adherence to the conditions of enrolment.
  • Students enrolling in Kindergarten must be 5 years of age by 30 April of that year.
  • Students seeking to enter Kindergarten, who are born from January to April, will be assessed by the School to determine the child’s readiness for Kindergarten.
  • Students enrolling in our Preschool program, must be 4 years of age by 30 April of that year. 
  • Students enrolling in our 3 Year Old program, cannot start at the Early Learning Centre until they have turned 3 years of age.

Parents who wish to enrol their children at Trinity Christian School must be prepared to support the policies, protocols and discipline of the School.