Junior School AT TRINITY

A successful start to a child’s education is critical in establishing strong foundations for learning. The desire of Trinity Christian School is to equip students for a lifetime of learning, purpose and engagement. We want our students to recognise and develop the individual gifts and abilities that God has given them. 

As the only school in the Tuggeranong Valley that offers Preschool to Year 12 on the one campus, we understand the value of planting small seeds and then nurturing them to grow. Our passionate Junior School teachers know the importance of engaging each student in learning, both in and out of the classroom from a very young age. 

With a strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry, our Junior School aims to equip our students with the skills and curiosity to expand their thinking and problem-solving capabilities and so ignite their joy of learning. We encourage all our students to question, grapple, explore and reason so they may become capable, confident and powerful learners.

Trinity Christian School families cherish the caring and safe environment of the Junior School. When children and their families join the Trinity Christian School community, they feel valued, respected and cared for, both by dedicated staff and also other families.

Trinity Christian School is a nurturing environment with staff and teachers who take the time to know my children and work with them on their strengths and abilities.