Early adolescence is a time of rapid change. At Trinity Christian School, we understand that education must be responsive to this change and actively nurture the transition from child to adult. We desire to see our students grow into young people of integrity, compassion, mercy and truth. We know that God has a unique purpose for each child and we aspire to see them recognise their potential and live in a way that enriches their community.

Our Middle School education is tailored to the needs of the learner and provides a stepping stone for students in Year 6, 7 and 8 to move out of a primary school setting into a secondary environment. Middle School offers the security and comfort of a primary school, together with the opportunities for growth and choice associated with a secondary school. 

“Within the Middle School, we believe that every child learns best and is most engaged when they are valued and challenged.” – Head of Middle School

Middle School enables students from Year 6, to be excited and extended through a range of new subjects, traditionally elected only in secondary school. Our Middle School curriculum builds on the strong foundations of literacy, numeracy and inquiry skills birthed in the Junior School and is taught from a Christian worldview. For more information see: Learning and Curriculum

A dedicated Middle School means that students can build meaningful connections with their peers. The Middle School structure connects students through a ‘core class’, with whom they spend the majority of their learning time. This core class community, caters for students in the areas of pastoral care, wellbeing and learning development.