Senior School At TRINITY

Trinity Christian School understand that at all levels of education students should be equipped with what they need for a lifetime of learning, purpose and engagement. Our four year Senior School offers the flexibility of a college system, within a safe and nurturing community. Trinity Christian School has a proud tradition of strong academic achievement. Our Year 9 - 10 and 11 - 12 curricular are robust and diverse. We ensure a solid focus on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. However also encourage our students to pursue excellence in the areas of Sport, Creative and Performing Arts, Christian Life Studies, Humanities, Digital Technologies, Technology and Vocational Education and Training.

Our Senior School is dedicated to creating an environment that prepares our graduates to be respected leaders of the future. We value diversity and recognise that leadership is not reserved for students with tertiary academic aspirations. Our senior students are prepared for the workforce through a range of opportunities, including our Vocational Education prospectus, our purpose-built Trade Skills Centre, our community service and volunteer programmes and our work experience placements.

Trinity Christian School provides unique possibilities for senior students to be actively involved in leading and supporting their younger peers. Peer support, school leadership and captaincy, sports coaching and participating in school-wide performances all enable Year 9 - 12 students to model respectful, caring and honourable behaviour to children in the ELC, Junior and Middle Schools.